Sodick VR-G IMMs: New Controller Features

Introduction: A Brief Overview

This section provides a brief overview of the new controller features for the Sodick Injection Molding Machine. Sodick Co. has recently introduced a new injection molding machine controller, the “GL30-C”, to the industry. The new controller features have been developed to improve productivity through better data management and recording, leading to reduced cycle times and improving long-term competitiveness. The new controller features are based on the concept of “total control” of the molding process from initial machine set-up to data analysis of molded products. Sodick Co. has been actively working with the injection molding industry to develop this machine and to research what is required from a production management system. This new machine is the result of cooperation between Sodick, the EDM and injection machine manufacturer, and many injection molders, a wide range of the injection molding industry. Sodick would like to extend its thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project.

Overview of Sodick VR-G IMMs

The standard Sodick IMM comes in various sizes, ranging from the 20-ton 2 oz. size to the 120-ton 7 oz. size. The machine, ranging in its stroke distance from 150 to 490 mm in the X-axis, will feature a bi-directional, AC direct drive system. This mechanism is designed to secure a smooth and precise draft with high speeds and allow the mechanism to have a high inertia for maximum acceleration capabilities. A completely new and original feature to injection molding machines, this newly designed bi-directional drive system is projected to be the wave of the future for long strokes with linear motor technology. The high acceleration capabilities of this system combined with the proven success of linear motor technology will deliver a performance rate that is sure to overtake today’s standard in hydraulic IMM drive technology. Step-motor-less, the servo motor driving system available from the 20-ton to the 120-ton IMM will feature both a 14mm and a 25mm screw for general use in molding small to medium-sized products across an array of plastics and thin wall products ready for mold enhancement. Regardless of the variety in machine size, all X, Y, and Z axes will use the same-sized high rigidity frame, solid slide, and high-resolution scales. With careful attention to detail in the machining of each and every component, the Sodick VR-G Series has made it a guarantee that all machines will employ top-of-the-line mechanics to assure overall quality control. By using a common frame and the same mechanics for all X, Y, and Z axes, production costs have been effectively minimized in comparison to previous Sodick machine generations.

The Sodick VR-G Series is a global range of high-performance, double-column, rigid linear motor drive machining centers. When it comes to the molds and dies used in plastics manufacturing, stamping, and aluminum die casting, nothing reigns supreme like the machining centers of Sodick’s extremely successful VR Series. Since its inception in 2000, the VR Series has garnered rapid success in the tool & die industry and has performed a solid insulation around the said industry as a global number one. Setting its sights even further, Sodick has decided to take the utmost pinnacle of machine tool technology and mold it into its latest venture: The Global Standard Injection Molding Machine. A marriage between the proven success and leading-edge technology of Sodick’s molding and machining markets, the VR-G Series is certain to turn heads in the plastic and die casting industries. Designed for seamless acceleration, speed, and precision, the Sodick Global Standard Injection Molding Machine is sure to be an Sodick IMM enthusiasts dream come true.

Key Features of the New Controller

The new Sodick controller provides a standardized interface for ease of use and high-precision control. The user-friendly arrangement and functionality of the control panel allow optimal access and visibility for both programming and monitoring. The control features an easy-to-use touch screen or mouse controlled operation. Also, the 10.4-inch color monitor has a twin window editing feature that is ideal for comparing original and edited programs. In addition, the simple and easily understandable operation screens make programming easier than ever. With USB compatibility, NC programs and data can be input and output from the control using a USB memory stick, allowing for high-speed, high-capacity data transfer. In addition, the control is compatible with a wide range of interface options – PCMCIA cards, RS-232C interface, and Ethernet interface, allowing for connection with a variety of different devices. The VR-EDM has also taken leaps forward in increased operability. Simple operations like axis change and manual handle feed now allow better access and increased versatility for the machine. The capability for power failure recovery has been increased, supporting recovery during and after axis movement, allowing for machining to continue. A combination of high-speed servo control and large capacity servomotors provide shortened machining times, and an expanded range and more functional ATC improves the precision and versatility of the machine. Step shape and 3D pocket are now standard in VR series controllers and provide better efficiency and quality of preparation all the way through to the finished product.

Benefits of the New Controller

The V-21 Control has standard features: – The answer is always displayed at the top of the screen. – Logical and consistent data entry. – Easier to teach to new employees. – Easier to remember all required steps and screen locations. – Static screen locating “Hot Spots” for various functions and displays which soft keys (F1-F6) will be used to eliminate confusion. – Cursor driven (like Windows), eliminates the need for being proficient at function key names. Ideal for a host of users that are used to PCs and are not trained in traditional injection programming. – The search key makes finding functions easier. – File layout is uniform for all machines and allows for easy transfer and recall of data. – No required start-up codes for setting up basic molds and dies. – All graphics and screens are multilingual capable. – Machine settings are a custom screen which is just a file to be opened or saved. Nothing needs to be manually dialed in or out.


Moreover, the new modular designed Sodick press system provides an open expandable platform for future expansion. The modernized design has isolated the control system, power section, and the hydraulic section, which enforces better cooling efficiency, easy maintenance, and better protection of the controller. This feature ensures maximum compatibility with all kinds of molds and the ability to produce various molded products. With the implementation of these features, we can ensure a better molding process and will be able to provide a better molding solution to our customers.

Controller plays a vital role in machining as well as in injection molding. It is the key factor that helps in increasing productivity. Sodick controller gives smooth interaction with the machine, which ensures easy programming and better understanding of the machine functions. Innovative new features in the Sodick controller, like USB port for quick saving/loading of mold data and the new 10.4″ LCD touch screen for RX series controllers and 8.4″ touch screen for EX series controllers, ensure maximum productivity and better understanding. A firm grip on the touch pen mode allows easy movement, which improves operation. These features are focused on protecting the mold and reproducing a clearer understanding of molding variables.